Sample kit

Not sure which rug to buy? Try our Sample Kit

Ordering a rug without being able to see it with your own eyes or touch is very difficult

This is why we have come up with a Sample Kit that let you see the design, touch and feel the material and visualize how it will look in your home.

Magnetic Swatches

The swatches will be magnetic so that the selected swatches can be stuck on the box itself for easy selection. Swatches will be of the size 10 * 10cm.

(Both handmade and machine-made swatch samples would be provided)

Select with ease

Swatches of all materials, weave techniques and finishes would be provided so that the client understands the differences and can make an easy selection. The box also comes with various carpet raw materials such as sisal fibre, banana fibre, wool yarn, jute yarn, lyocell yarn, recycled PET yarn etc.