Mallie Gautreau

A versatile designer with a passion for colours

Mallie Gautreau prides on her skilled mastery of textile processes, love for drawing, passion for local knowledge, great sense of palettes and curiosity for research. Her versatility enables her to monitor current trends to design textile surfaces after extensive material research on warp and weft weave, knit, jacquard and more. Besides rugs, Gautreau also works with fashion accessories like bags and scarves and furnishings like household linens.

Mallie Gautreau works as a textile designer after completing her post graduation from ENSCI Les Ateliers

Earlier she had completed her graduation from Baccalaureate STDA (Applied Arts) and also holds a BTS in fashion, textile and environment design. Gautreau has been part of several exhibitions since 2016, while her extensive portfolio includes brands like Calvin Klein, Armani, Guerlain, Zara Kids & Men, LaRedoute and more. She also won the Herve Catry Prize for the “Josephine Baker” pattern in June 2016.

About The Collection

This collaboration with Neytt was the subject of significant research and reflection around the line: they intersect, contrast, undulate, weave, come out and draw new shapes on the traditional carpet. Each piece in the collection has been imagined like a painting, the variations of lines in contrasting pop and playful colors personalize and give character to each room in the house.

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